My biography

Biographie en français
MM BlajmanMartine firstly took classes in Anne-Marie Prache’s and Denis Decopmann’s Art Schools. She then she felt ready to stand on her own feet and took lessons with Patrick Antzack.
Now, she is taking the turn of contemporean art with Didier Graziewicz.
She expresses her emotions through material because collage is a major part of her art, especially textile, which gives her inspiration.

She destroys, breaks, splits, to recreate the material that she appropriates.

Her Jewish origins guide her in a very surprising way in her art.
She works in three dimensions, on any subject. At first, that was the Torah, Haggadah and traditional jewish texts that inspired her. Her art is marked with her Jewishness. “I want to be a universal painter. I am Jewish but i don ‘t want to be categorized as a Jewish artist”, she says. She is imbued with mysticism, philosophy and religion.

Her art is spontaneous, colorful, like her temperament. Her work involves uses all kinds of used material because not only she paints but she also sews, sculpts, makes collages and mosaiques. After a long stay in Israel, she is coming back with a very rich art (for instance, collages with pieces of split posters).

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